Before you book...

1. Download the form below.

2. Fill out the form and return it to Kristin.

2. Book your first session here.

What should I expect?

Our first session will be 90 minutes.

In this visit, I will perform a thorough evaluation, and we will discuss your goals. In addition to looking at the physical and mental aspects of your presentation (the biopsychosocial tenets), we will review facets of your nutrition, sleep patterns, and general overall lifestyle.


Together, we will develop a plan using yoga postures, breathing, and meditation based on the medical therapeutic yoga precepts.


Subsequent sessions will be based on the evaluation findings, your presentation, and your goals. At least 4 visits are suggested. My goal is to design a personalized holistically derived treatment plan that you will have for life. Having said that, we know life is a changing and morphing experience, so consider this a foundation that can be built upon as we go.

Anything else?

Please wear loose fitting clothing in layers.

Plan on being barefoot and comfortable. You are welcome to bring your own mat, but we have all the equipment you will need.